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What is Origami Arts .net?

Origamiarts.net is a hobby sharing platform that tries to introduce origami art with people and aims to gain a new hobby that they can do. I would like to say about Origami that it is one of the most beautiful and fun hobbies to do. It is possible to make animals, plants, toys, goods, objects, planes, cars and more creative ideas from paper. We give you the opportunity to share everything that can be done in the art of origami from paper with you. About us origami

You can find instructions for making origami products such as cars, flowers, animal cabinets, tables, lamps, and aircraft from paper on our site. Our site has a category of how to make origami do in a way, but it is completely focused on origami art, everything made from paper.

Origami Arts

Take a piece of paper, fold it a few times, and introduce your children to the art of Japanese paper folding known as origami. When we turn a simple sheet of paper into birds or other animals with a few moves, they will be very surprised, they will even think that you are a true magician.

Origami (折 り 紙 origami) is a combination of the Japanese words “ori” (folding) and “gami” (paper) and is the name given to the art of paper folding. Although its name is Japanese, there are also sources claiming to be an art originating from China. Although it is usually made without cutting square pieces of paper and using glue, just folding it, creating various living and inanimate figures, there are also quite a lot of models made from rectangular paper, even paper money. The type of cutting is also called kirigami.

Types of Origami

Origami has two types: classical origami and segmented origami. Classical origami is usually made from one piece of paper. Although not so many, various animal or item figures are made with classical origami using two or three pieces. The segmented origami, also called modular origami, is created by combining similar parts and is used to make three-dimensional geometric figures rather than concrete figures such as animals or objects. There is no limit on the number of pieces, it is similar to segmented origami plug-in toys and many different figures can be produced using the same pieces. Although paper in the form of square is generally used in origami, there is no limitation in the form of paper. Many different types of origami have emerged today. Architectural origami, pop-up origami, kirigami (paper cutting art) can be given as examples. In such origami types, also called modern origami, gluing and cutting is released. The feature that distinguishes origami from kirigami; Kirigami is symmetrical and origami is the art of shaping. Origami is a world-famous art.

Origami Culture

Crane bird has an important place in Japanese culture. The same importance applies to the origami crane. It is believed that those who make 1,000 crane birds will live a long and good life. The reason why the crane is popular today is an 11-year-old girl named Sadako Sasaki. II. This little girl, who has Leukemia due to a nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World War II, begins to make a crane in hopes of healing. But after finishing his 644 turn, he passes away to life. On August 6, every year of the bomb’s throw in his memory, children from Japan and the world make a crane for universal peace and send it to Sadako’s monument in Hiroshima.

Origami Techniques

Most books begin with the basic techniques used in making origami models. These include basic diagrams; such as mountain folding, valley folding, reverse folding … There are also standard named bases used in the construction of various models. For example, the bird base is one of the middle stages in making wings flapping birds.


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