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How To Make Paper Airplane

Aircplane making from paper

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How To Make Paper Airplane

Hello everyone! Now let’s learn how to make paper airplane model,To make this paper airplane, you need a sheet of U.S letter size. Good news! You can also use A4 paper to make the plane,First of all, let’s fold the paper in half.,Make sure all creases are lined up.,Then, open and flatten the paper.,Start from this corner, fold it to the opposite edge.,Now, press the paper to create an diagonal crease.,Repeat the same fold for the other side,Start from this corner, now fold it to the intersection of this diagonal crease with the edge.,Press the paper, to create another diagonal crease.

,After that, let’s flip the paper over.,Use this intersection as a reference point to fold the top edge.,Now, let’s fold [ So easy! Just a Piece of Cake ],Press the paper. Press it hard! Make a crease. Then unfold.,Flip the paper over again [ Just calm down – You will be able to make it ],Start from both sides of the paper, match the horizontal crease to the center crease.,Then press down the top layer to the lower layer.,Now you have an origami house. [ Just kidding],Press down the paper to make the creases look obvious.,

Paper plane construction stages

Start from the leftover edge, match it to this line.,Humm, Let me slow down. Here from this from the edge to this point.,Remember! You need to press hard to create a good crease.,Now, let’s flip the paper again! [ Only origami master can do this perfect flip ],Now, start from the bottom edge, fold it up again. Use the corners from both sides as references,Yay, now you have an origami hat. :),You should have 2 layers here. Let’s hold the upper later and create the first stabilizer,Watch carefully how I fold the paper.,

Repeat the same fold for this side.,Flip the paper over again!,Now hold this layer and fold it to aside.,Start from the leftover layer, fold it to the center crease.,Fold the stabilizer outward to create the “tail” – elevator of the plane.,Match the edge carefully to create a nice stabilizer,Test it out to see if the stabilizer fits well with the body,Now fold the paper in half like this to fold the other side of the elevator,Just simply repeat the previous steps. [ Use the other edges as your guidelines ],Match the edges to edges.,

How To Make Paper Airplane

After unfold the paper, you can put the paper down to create the wings.,Always fix the paper as needed. [ Remember, you are an engineer ],Just fold this part up to create the first stabilizer,Let me fold the paper back, and show you how to fold.,When you finish one side, repeat the same fold for the other side.,Then turn over and flatten the paper.,Fold the upper later to the other side to create the first wing.,Follow my demo.,Just do the step for the other side.,Flip the paper over again!,Except the lower layer, fold the all the layers to the other side,Then start from the edge here, fold it to the center of the plane to create the head.,Hey yo, just repeat the same fold for the other side.,Now, let’s make the body of the plane.,

How to make paper  airplane

Use both of your index and thumb fingers to hold the plane.,Focus on the center crease. Hold the paper like this first.,Now, look at the edges of the wings. Imagine they cross here at the center crease.,Fold the tip down a bit to help you create the body.,Use your index finger to push down the center crease while the other hand is hold the tip,Next, use both hands to adjust the paper.,Fixing the paper gently.,Now, let press both wings together.,Finally, you can fold the wings. Let’s follow my instructions.,

Fold the wings on both sides up. Make sure you curve the paper first before folding.,When you finish one side, do the same step for the other side.,Once again, curve the paper before you fold it.,Now just stand the stabilizers on both sides up.,Tata! Here is the F-14 Tomcat. I hope you all love the origami plane. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share,One more thing! You can modify the wings to make the plane look,Don’t forget to subscribe, like and share,Check out the new F-14 Tutorial by following the link in the description.

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