Amigurumi Unicorn Keychain Making

Amigurumi Key Chain

Today I wanted to share my amigurumi unicorn keychain with you. These beauties, which I knit in a short time and with colorful threads, look very cute and knit with pleasure. They’re so cute that they can’t handle it. I knit it as a key ring. If you wish, you can also knit bag ornaments or toys for our little ones.

It became an easy model that you can knit in a short time with little material or even with the increased threads. The choice of colors is entirely up to your dream world and rope cabinet. I used the powder and white color duo on my first try. In my second try, I used green and spotted thread. I use it with pleasure.
The head consists of 2 colors. We use different colors on the top of the roses and horns. We use the ears the same as the color at the top of the head.


Snowball Organica (white and powder color)
Baby wool colored threads (for roll rose, mane and horn)
Ruined Mrs. Dora dark brown (for eye processing)
Number 4 crochet
zn = a nigger
Sh = magic ring
x = frequent needle
v = increase
a = reduction
(…) * 2 = will be repeated 2 times in brackets

How to knit?
Head (with powder color):k

* Friends who want to use a nickname are worn between 10 and 11 rows with 5 x in between. Friends who want to process the video show detailed processing technique.

10 blacks, 2. 8x from the black, the same black 3x, 7x, v (will be 20x)
v, 7x, 3v, 7x, 2v (will be 26x)
x, v, 7x, (x, v) * 3.7x, (2x, a) * 2 (will be 32 x)
2x, v, 7x, (2x, v) * 3.7x, (2x, v) * 2 (will be 38)
2x, a, 7x, (2x, a) * 3.7x (2x, a) * 2 (will be 32x)
x, a, 7x,) x, a) * 3.7x, (2x, a) * 2 (will be 26x.)
a, 7x, 3a, 7x, 2a (will be 20x) Fiber is filled.
(x, a) * 10 (will be 10x)
5a (will be 5x)


Sh 4x
(x, v) * 2 (6x)
(2x, v) * 2 (8x)
8x Fiber is filled.


Sh 6x
(x, v) * 3 (9x)

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