Baby Mug Decoration

Trophy Decoration

Hello everybody. I decorated the polymer clay mug with Tilda doll.
I continue the Mugs series. This time, I think I’m in 10 skills with a girl figure they call her Tilda doll. This is actually a tall, weak doll. However, on the internet, I saw this kind of fish meat from foreigners interested in clay. It made me more enjoyable to do this.

Tilda dolls had a story. If the source I read is correct, a Norwegian designer (Tone Finnanger) started to design this doll for use in animated films. When he designed these dolls, he was 25 years old. Then he gathered all the sewing information in a book and started to show it to the world, and since then he walked his head, the recognition of the dolls. I hope that the products we design for all ages will achieve good success and recognition worldwide.
In the video you will find how to make a chubby Tilda doll.

Enjoy your time❤

I wish health to all of us as we go through these difficult days around the world and if you are not obliged, please do not leave your home. I say protect yourself and your loved ones by wearing masks and gloves.


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