Barley Beaded Necklace Making

Necklace Making

Since barley beads were used in making the necklace, I named myself the name of this necklace model as a barley bead necklace 🙂

You can work on the models that I shared (the last one with this model) in the last three articles. You can make a pretty elegant jewelry set using the same bracelet, earring and finally the necklace of the same color beads.

You can think of how I can set barley beads in this necklace, I say right away, you can use pipe beads instead of barley beads in this necklace.

The pendant looks very stylish with barley beads, but I think it will look better if you use pipe beads. Of course, it is up to you how you want to make an idea. My purpose is to share more jewelry models and making with you on our jewelry site.

If you consider making it, make sure that the bead colors you use match each other. Because if you make bead colors with beads that are compatible with each other, the jewelry you make will look more beautiful.

If you are one of those who have difficulty in adapting the colors of the beads to each other like me, the black and juvenile beads used in this necklace look very elegant.

Feel free to write your questions and comments to me in the comments section.

May it be easy for those who want to do it.


11/0 sand beads
Barley beads or pipe beads
Nylon rope,
Parrot clip

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