Bon Bon Candy Knit Baby Cardigan Model

Knitted Baby Cardigan Model

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How To Make knit cardigan

knit cardigan Making baby cardigan with knitting technique called Bon Bon sugar. If you are looking for baby cardigan making, you will like this example.

Knit cardigan showed how the female bon bon candy pattern was adapted to the baby cardigan. It has shown very well. Bon bon candies made for baby cardigans with two skewers showed very cute. When you make a cardigan for your baby girl or boy, you can choose the bon bon sugar knitting model.

PRE-START NUMBER OF CARD = 55 STITCHES 5 harosha 1 flat 17 harosha 1 flat 6 harosha 1 flat 6 harosha 1 flat other loops harosha REAR = 95 LOADS 37 harosha 1 flat 9 harosha 1 flat 9 harosha 1 straight remaining loops ARM = Start 45 loops, increase knitting from the sides, increase 3 loops from both sides, cut 1 loops until 10 loops remain, so that 1 loop decreases easily.

BACKBACK = 95 LOOKS Start with loops 37 loops, 1 loops, 9 loops, 1 loops, 9 loops, 1 loops to the right and left loops. During 10 harosha knitting, it will be easy to cut 1 loops from the right and left sides, and when it comes to the armpit, cut 3 loops from the right and left, then cut 10 loops from both sides until 10 loops remain.

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