Decorative Bottle From Milk Bottle

Decorative Bottle

It all started with seeing this object in Yargıcı. I looked at 15 liras, I said I would do this and got to work. How to decorate a glass bottle with jute cloth (sack fabric), let’s see with the stages of its construction.


daily half-liter milk bottle (mine is Yörsan)
jute cloth (burlap fabric)
white acrylic paint
pompom sponge brush
antique looking necklace

I ironed the jute cloth. It will be better if we work this way.

I measured it according to my bottle and cut the sack fabric. I removed it from the edges and made it tasseled. It looks more natural and decorative like this.

I wanted to make “coffee” from stencil, which I will use as a writing template, and chose it.

I applied the white acrylic paint with a cheerleading sponge and applied it to my fabric by moving the buffer and passed the text on the stencil to the fabric.

After drying, I applied my white glue to the reverse side of the fabric and attached it to the bottle.

I wrapped the necklace around the neck of my bottle. You can also use old necklaces and jewelry as a recycling item in the house.

I said I would use it in my kitchen, but it suits my living room very well. When one does it, he likes things like that!
I’ve been buzzing at home for about 1.5 months, I’m tired but proud.


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