Decorative Products From Soda Bottles

Decorative Products

Hello friends. I thought what I can do from the soda bottles we drink every day. After that, I made several experiments inspired by various works.

First, I removed the labels around the soda bottles with the help of hot water and steam and cleaned them completely. Then I painted the entire bottle with blue acrylic paint and created various spots with white paint. Then I polished the matte bottles with varnish. Finally, I pasted the various images I received from the stationery on the bottles.

In my second project, I poured sea sand into the glass bottles. I aimed to get an authentic look by surrounding the glass bottle with a straw rope. Finally, I placed the leaves on the lid of the bottle, which I obtained from plastic flowers.

In my third study, I added the water that I colored with food coloring to the soda bottles. I covered it with gelatin and wrapped around it and made a decorative work.

It was a simple and inexpensive work to make. I had fun doing it and I definitely recommend it to you.

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