Easy Crochet Blanket Without Crochet

Baby Blanket

You can knit a very beautiful baby blanket with just your fingers, without using crochet and knitting with Alize puffy rope. You don’t even need to know knitting to knit this baby blanket. Just ask for knitting. Since the thread already has loops of its own, you can easily knit it by inserting the loops with your fingers.

When I started my blanket, I started as 50 loops. In total, I used 5 balls of rope. The finished size of my blanket was 90 cm x 110 cm.

If you want to make a square blanket, 4 balls of rope will be enough. Then the finished size is 90 x 90 cm.

Its construction takes 3-4 hours. The rope is really soft and puffy puff… It is a blanket that will make babies absolutely sweat and breathe at the same time, which will keep them warm.

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