Easy Making Paper Tulip Origami

Making tulips from paper tutorial

How To Make Tulip Origami

Necessary materials for making tulip origami from paper paper, scissors and your hands.Making tulips is quite fun and a good choice for children.


Paper Tulip


  1. Two origami papers are taken in red and green colors. (Color selection is free) For those who say how to make a tulip from paper, the first phase of making a flower begins in a short time with the above materials. We fold the square paper in red twice.
  2. The four ends of the folded paper are folded outwards to take the form of a small triangle. For making tulips from paper, the center of the four curved ends should be opened to take the shape of a cylinder.
  3. If you find it difficult to understand this stage, look at the narrative content of tulip-made painting. This stage is shown in stages, respectively. With the help of scissors, we cut the end part of the shape, the middle of which is opened in a cylindrical shape. And you can place any object inside the hole formed here with the tulip origami stem inside.
  4. The object of the tulip stem will be wrapped with origami paper, which is green on the outside. The body part for the flower shape from paper is formed in this order. The body wrapped with green origami paper is placed in the interior of the tulip origami.
  5. The red pieces cut for the body end inside are adhered one by one to the end part. It is one of the last stages for making flowers from paper. After the papers adhered to the inside are finished. The stage of making the leaves of the flower of the same color is started.
  6. Origami paper, cut into leaves, is glued to the body. Thus, for those who say how to make flowers from paper, the tulip production phase is finished. It should be left to dry.

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