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Simple origami pumpkin

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A simple origami pumpkin is a basic modification of a face. The model itself is quite simple to manufacture, it takes about 5 minutes to manufacture. You also have the option to drag the trunk over the pumpkin: these steps require a little more skill, but are still quite satisfying.

Simple pumpkin origami instructions

Stage 1:

Take a square piece of paper, fold it diagonally and unfold. If you are using origami paper, load it with the white side facing up.

Step 2:

Turn the paper over (gray lines “crumpled lines” indicate indented spaces where the paper is folded and unfolded.

Scene 3:

Fold the paper in half (left to right) and unfold.

Step 4:

Fold the paper in half (top to bottom).

Step 5:

Grasp the upper corners of the model and slide them together. Pay attention to the location of the blue dot.

Continue until the model is square.

Step 6:

Put this paper cover back on the left side.

Step 10:

Working on the right wing: Turn the right wing of the paper to the left.

Step 11:

Fold the top left edge so that it lines up with the center of the model.

Step 12: Fold the lower left edge so that it is flush with the center of the model.

Turn the paper flap to the right.

Step 13:

Fold back the top and bottom of the pattern to create a pumpkin shape (mountain fold).

Step 14:

Fold back the left and right edges of the model (mountain fold).

Origami pumpkin is made. Decorate the eyes and mouth to make a pumpkin lantern.


Simple origami pumpkin with stem

To make a pumpkin stalk, flip the model over and work on the back.

Fold the top flap to remove some of the paper.

The picture is enlarged below:

Fold the left and right edges of this protruding body.

Press down to remove wrinkles.

Root already

Turn the model upside down for a pleasant surprise.


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