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Easy Snake Origami instructions

How to make snake origami

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Easy Snake Origami instructions

Making Paper Snake by Folding
How to make a snake by simply folding paper without using scissors?

Origami Tutorial – How to fold an Easy paper Origami Snake

By following the instructions in the figure, you can make the shape by folding the paper. You can use them by buying ready-made colored papers or you can get colored animals by painting white paper. But the most important thing to note is that the paper you will use is square. Your children will be very excited and happy when they see an animal coming out of an ordinary paper just by folding it. Easy snake origami instructions

Snake Origami instructions 


1 – Top folding and backing the paper from dotted placesYılanAdım1.png
2 – Fold top from dotted to arrow directionYılanAdım2.png
3 – Do top folding from dotted placesYılanAdım3.png
4 – Open the folded areas back.YılanAdım4.png
5 – Top crest from dotted places.YılanAdım5.png
6 – Fold from point to bottomYılanAdım6.png
7 – Do top fold from the dotted ground.YılanAdım7.png
8 – Reach steps 4 through 7 on the top half of the paper, and then fold the valley from the dotted point to the arrowhead.YılanAdım8.png
9 – Draw the eyes. Finish your snake.YılanAdım9.png


Snake Origami How-To Instructions

Origami is briefly defined as the art of paper folding. The name Origami settled in our language from Japan, but the history of art is based on China. No scissors or glue are used in this fun art; it is completely based on paper and ingenuity. Despite being a fun art, it is actually one of the card games that require dexterity. Origami actually comes from a Japanese name; It consists of a combination of the Japanese word (folding) and gami (paper). It is common to be known as Japanese art, but it is actually an art of China. Let us leave the note that the paper was first invented by the Chinese.

These papers were generally used in religious ceremonies or to wrap gifts after the invention of paper. In other words, it was not used as an art, but for purely need-oriented work. In the future, we focused on the different uses of paper and started to be taught in schools. The art of paper folding has reached such a point that it has been seen that children are advancing their mathematical intelligence. Origami’s relationship with mathematics was born from here. Origami improves students’ psycho-motor development and associative skills. It is also important to keep in mind the tangible hand-drawn geometric shapes. In this way, children have a constant learning process by practice, not by memorization. After a certain point, not only the development of the children, but in all respects it entered our lives and managed to attract the attention of people of all ages.

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