Fabric Pouch Sewing

Fabric Pouch

I wanted to show you a pouch making that even beginners can sew easily. You can sew these pouches from shirts, linens, and small pieces of fabric that you do not use as a recycling project. You can use it as a dressing bag, slipper bag or even a food bag. Maybe they can make a beautiful gift package by preparing such pouches for your friends who will have a baby and putting a few pieces of tiny clothes and small toys in it.

* 2 pieces of 20 * 39 cm fabric (one for the lining and one for the outer side. I chose different colored fabrics)

* 2 pieces of 5.5 * 9 cm fabric (to form the channels we will pass through the ribbons)

* 2 pieces of 60 cm ribbon

* Thread, pin, scissors, sewing machine

If you are ready, we can go to the video, easy to everyone :)
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