Flower Pot Painting

Flower Pot Painting İdeas

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How to paint tin pots with edding 751? It is a great time to color and customize ordinary flower pots or even tin cans, while ready-made spring-time gardens are festive on balconies.

Flower pot decorating ideas

Do you have standard tin pots? If there is, we will use them. If not, we will head to the tin cans. But first we will have to do a pre-painting. For this, you can paint with water-based acrylic paint several times, or you can use edding spray paints. Be careful not to breathe, this painting, which you can do outdoors if possible, will be an excellent preliminary preparation. This time we used standard tin pots in plain color. When we see them very cheap, we do not miss them. Somehow we know that we can paint beautifully with our edding pens and remove several levels. Now it is so.


As you can see in our video, we applied a mandala pattern on our gray tin pot. We decided to write a cute text and decorate it with tiny leaves to our lilac colored double pot. Free to apply ideas exactly

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