Heart Coaster


I came up with a model with a lot of love. With this model I knit for presentation lovers, I came to add color to the kitchens and taste to the presentations.

With this model, which you can knit in about half an hour, you can evaluate both the increased threads and delight ourselves or our loved ones.

I tried 2 different colors and I wanted to share with you. As an ornament, I knitted a string of needles with a string of lamb on the edges, giving it a cozy state. If you wish, it can be processed directly with a needle or colored with a button. So I can say that the dimensions are from me, the decoration is from your dream world.
For those who like simplicity, a simple image can be obtained by direct crocheting. It is true that there are various decoration areas. The dimensions I have specified are the coaster dimensions. In the video, I showed in detail which glasses stand and how they are sized. If you wish, you can knit the base valve in large size by increasing the numbers. I used thick cotton threads as rope, there is no need for a different brand, except that the thread is thick. The tough stance of the thick rope will be more elegant and useful.


Thick cotton rope
Number 3 crochet
Optional decoration materials

Make the kitchens colorful and the presentations beautiful :)

Health to our hands ..

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