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Wood Print

ou can both have fun and prepare many decorative objects such as coasters with the easy wooden printing method that can be done at home.


1- Wooden object

2- White glue

3- Image output

First, we take the picture we want from the printer to print on A4 paper.
When removing the picture or text, be sure to remove it in reverse. We first wipe the wooden object you want (of course the floor should be flat) with a clean cloth so that there is no dust on it.
We apply evenly all over the white glue wood.
We print the picture that we removed from the printer upside down so that the ink side touches the white glue. It is very important that there is no air bubble while doing this. We can do this using an old card.
Put a weight on the paper and leave it for 24 hours.

After a day, we scrape the paper out with the help of a little water from the middle out.
It’s hard to believe but only when the paper comes out, the side of the ink painting stays on the wood.
After applying varnish on it, printing is ready.
Her two-minute short video narration is also here. I hope you will like it.

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