How to make an origami cat step by step instructions

Easy origami cat instructions

Easy origami cat instructions

This time we will introduce  How to make an origami cat “three-dimensional cat” made from a piece of origami paper. Standing up tail cute ♡ Easy to do so you will want to make many different colors. If you want to try 3D origami but it’s too difficult, why not enjoy it? You are free to challenge. We’ll show you how to fold a cat, from simple things that even little kids can do to works of art. Origami is popular abroad A classic origami that kids can play with from ancient times to the present.It is getting more and more popular abroad as well!



Cat origami

Here’s how to make simple origami paper and how to make a lot of art. We will introduce various studies on cats! Origami is a must-see destination for those who just know the jackpot. With this opportunity, you can get addicted to the art of origami! ? Starter Edition-Let’s fold a cute cat easily! ~ We have collected the easiest folding methods! For beginners and young children, please see this. Please write a cute face while folding

How to make an origami cat out of paper, step by step instructions:

Stage 1: Fold the sheet in half, and then cut the sheet across the fold, we need only half the sheet to form the cat.


Step 2: Place the created strip of paper in front of you and fold the sheet in half again.


Stage 3: Now bend the top side down, turn the sheet over and repeat on this side. When viewed from the side, the paper now takes the shape of the letter “M”.


4th step: Now re-fold the bend you created in Step 3.


Step 5: Fold the lower left corner up and iron the fold line well. And then fully open the sheet so that the corner folded in this step is directed upwards.


Step 6: Fold the top edge down so that the fold line passes through the intersections indicated by the points in the picture, iron the fold clearly and unfold the paper again.


Step 7: Turn the paper over to the other side, now we will sculpt the cat’s head. To do this, squeeze the left and right corners as shown in the photo to form the cat’s ears.

Then press the middle of the top side down to create a triangular cat head. Now fold the sheet into a straight strip.


Step 8: Now place this strip with the triangle side facing to the right and the long side facing you.

Now carefully fold the lower edge up, but not all, but only to the side of the future cat’s face as you can see in the photo.


Step 9: Now turn the strip to the other side and do the previous step with this. Be careful not to wrinkle the paper.


Step 10: Now you need to take the sheet in your hand and shape your neck, open the front of the head. What it should look like now:


Step 11: Then we form the ears of the cat, for this we hide part of the forehead inside the ears.


Step 12: Now look behind the cat’s head. Fold down the upper edge 5 mm.

Step 13: The cat’s head is ready, now fold the ribbon in half.

Step 14: Unfold the cat and bend it across its entire width across the fold from the previous step.


Step 15: Now fold the cat at the neck and expand at the bottom, now fold the bottom inward to form two legs and the rest of the paper goes towards the tail.



Step 16:Now we roll the back in our own direction, and then we unwind it a little bit, that’s it, now the cat has a beautiful curly tail.







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