How To Make Easy Flower Origami Tutorial

Flower Origami tutorial

Making Origami Flowers from Paper

What is Origami? Origami is made up of Japanese folding and paper meanings. It is the traditional art of paper folding. Generally, they are artistic works created by making paper folds without using glue and scissors. Paper flower origami.

Look: Easy Making Paper Tulip Origami


Origami types

  • Classic origami
  • Wet folding
  • Modular origami

There are such types. Today, we have reached many other types of origami. Recently, cutting and pasting has been released.How to make flower origami

Flower origami production stages

  1. Let’s cut 5 pieces of 10 x 10 cm with colored papers.
  2. Next, let’s take one of the square pieces and fold it into two triangles.
  3. Let’s fold the edges so that they meet in the middle.
  4. Let’s fold the corners we folded outwards like in the picture.
  5. Now straighten the edges
  6. Let’s fold the ends of the leaves on the edge inwards as in the picture.
  7. Let’s apply glue. Let’s fasten it with a latch and wait for it to stick well.
  8. In the same way, let’s do it 4 more times and stick it together. 5 pieces of 10 x 10 cm paper will be cut from each color. There will be 60 pieces in total. Let’s repeat the same process for other colors.
  9. Let’s apply glue to the edges of 3 flowers. Let’s do the same for other flowers. Let’s finish making the origami flower by following the steps in the picture. And we can attach a rope and use it as a pendant in our rooms.

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