How to Make Giraffe Origami

Giraffe origami

How to Make Giraffe Origami

By creating a giraffe origami, you can create fun times for your kids and yourself. To make your kids like to make origami, make them origami cute and favorite animals . We share the instructions of the giraffe origami that we think your children will love.

how to make giraffe origami

Giraffe Origami

Making giraffe origami is quite easy and fun origami. You can look at other animal origami on our site and make the origami of the animals you want. To make the giraffe origami successfully, please follow the steps completely and accurately.

How to make giraffe from paper

How to make giraffe out of paper, making giraffe out of paper and instructions. The giraffe is the longest living creature among the undead creatures and the largest among the ruminants; The double-hoofed mammal living in Africa. Scientific species name is given to its camel-like shape and leopard-like speckles.

Origami has two types: classical origami and segmented origami. Classical origami is usually made from one piece of paper. Although not so many, various animal or item figures are made with classical origami using two or three pieces. The segmented origami, also called modular origami, is created by combining similar parts and is used to make three-dimensional geometric figures rather than concrete figures such as animals or objects. There is no limit on the number of pieces, it is similar to segmented origami plug-in toys and many different figures can be produced using the same pieces. Although paper in the form of square is generally used in origami, there is no limitation in the form of paper. Many different types of origami have emerged today. Architectural origami, pop-up origami, kirigami (paper cutting art) can be given as examples. In such origami types, also called modern origami, gluing and cutting is released. The feature that distinguishes origami from kirigami; Kirigami is symmetrical and origami is the art of shaping. Origami is a world-famous art.

Most books begin with the basic techniques used in making origami models. These include basic diagrams; such as mountain folding, valley folding, reverse folding … There are also standard named bases used in the construction of various models. For example, the bird base is one of the middle stages in making wings flapping birds.

Modular origami

Although it is thought to be used mostly as a decorative and hobby, origami has many useful, environmentally friendly and practical uses.

For example, the Miura folding is used in frequent visitor flyers and tourist maps that can be opened and closed with one move, and in the design of things such as a small antenna that collects in space when it is sent to space, or panels that collect solar energy.

A similar technique is used to shade lamps or to create multiple bent levels in other directions, for example with flat metal plates in architecture.

In daily use, letter envelopes and paper bags can be considered as origami applications; There are also designs that do not require glue. Food can be served in hastily made paper bowls [4], an open box [5], [6], [7] that can be easily made from waste paper can be placed on the table to collect things like shell, core, bone, fishbones, and then lifted with the contents.

How to make giraffe origami

Toy kite, gun, boat, hat made of paper are very familiar toys.

The shape of a giraffe is obtained by folding the yellow square paper as seen in the pictures.

Such handcrafted works suitable for developing manual skills for children and also increasing the level of intelligence are appropriate. After the shape of the giraffe is made, it can be painted round and colored.


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