How to make origami rabbit face

How to make origami rabbit

Today, we will make an origami rabbit face that is easy and fun to make with you. With these building instructions, you can make a rabbit head or face. If you are ready, how to make origami rabbit? lets start.This origami rabbit face is a smart design that uses both sides of the paper for the best effect. You can use origami paper with a colored face and a white back. Or you can use double-sided origami paper in different colors from the front and back.No double-sided paper? No problem, you can still make the model and a few sheets of paper are enough to give the impression of eyes and noses. Big ears help determine what a rabbit is. It is not difficult to make this model, but if you are using thick paper, you may need to put it under a heavy book for a day to protect wrinkles.


Origami rabbit instructions

You can do the origami rabbit face production steps step by step with the video or you can prefer the illustrated expression.

1st stage:

Start with a piece of origami paper. Place the colored side up. Place the paper in the diamond position (balanced in one of its corners).

Fold the paper in half.

Step 2:

Fold the bottom corners of the triangle.

Turn the model over.


Stage 3:

Overlap one layer of paper down as appeared.

Stage 4:

Overlap this layer of paper back up towards the center of the model (red speck).

Stage 5:

Overlap during the time layer of paper.

Stage 6:

As in sync 4, overlap this layer of paper up to the center of the model.

Stage 7:

Overlay the layer of paper down around 1/3 of the way.


Stage 8:

Overlay the paper down once again for the staying 1/3 of the way. This gives the impression of eyes.

Stage 9:

Overlay the base corner of the model up to where the eyes are found.

Stage 10:

Overlap this area down about midway. This gives the impression of a nose.

Turn the model over.

Stage 11:

Crease in the left and right edges of the paper so the ears are increasingly tight.

Turn the model over.

Stage 12:

Finger through the layers of paper at the ears and discover where the paper changes shading (two layers of paper).

Strip these two layers back to uncover the hued paper. Press down to set up the overlap. The ears look better on the off chance that you make the overlay so it reaches out past the degree of the rabbit’s head.


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