How to Make Swan Origami

Swan made from paper

How to Make Swan Origami 

Triangle pieces are essential for swan making. Approximately 135 pieces of triangle are sufficient. Swan Origami  To obtain these pieces, an A4 sheet of paper is divided into 32 equal parts. Five sheets of A4 paper are sufficient for making a swan. Origami

Swan made from paper 

How to Make Swan Origami

Stage 1: First, 32 pieces are separated and combined together.

Stage 2: Then parts 1 and 32 are combined. And a circle is obtained.

Stage 3: 16 more pieces are added to the upper part of the created circle. 16 pieces are added once more on those pieces and a 4-layer circle is created.

Stage 4: 43 more pieces are added starting from any region on a four-storey circle. However, starting with nine parts, a triangle is subtracted from each floor.

Stage 5: In the same way, a weave is made on the other part (Figure 14). This time, however, the pieces are divided into 5, 4, 3 and 2 and placed.

5- The form created after it is finished is expanded a little and it is ensured to take the proper shape. Thus, the body of the swan figure is created. In the 6th stage, the neck and head part of the figure will be made.

6- At this stage, the head and neck part of the swan figure is made. The number of parts required for this is at least 15. Optionally, this number can be up to 25. However, it is reserved for a piece of beak and must be orange. At this Stage, the pieces are joined sequentially.

Finally, after this phase is completed, the two large pieces obtained are combined. Three-dimensional figure is completed by giving the necessary flexibility and folds to the form.

Stage 7: Merge. The second part, consisting of the head and neck, is added to the body part of the figure and the swan form is given. Three-dimensional work is completed by making the necessary folds and arrangements.




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