Knitting Anklet Making

Anklet Making


Summer is coming!

As knitting lovers, how about knitting anklet together to be ready for summer in every sense?

You can gift it to your loved ones by making various colors from this knitted anklet, which you can easily and quickly knit.

Let’s start!


YarnArt Rapido Cream (673) color hand knitting yarn
2 mm crochet
Wooden beads
Jewelry rings
Jewelry crimping pliers
1. Let’s start by pulling 71 chains. Let’s make 1 double railing to each chain from the 68th chain. Let’s leave the last 25 chains without knitting.

2. Let’s pull 1 chain and turn. Let’s make the same loop 1 needle. Let’s draw 5 chains, skip 2 loops and make 1 needle to the next loop.

3. We draw 5 chains, skip 2 loops and tie them with a needle. In this way, let’s come to the end.

4. Let’s pull 25 chains and finish.

5. Let’s place a bead in the chain in the third chain with the help of a jewelry ring and pliers.

6. Let’s put a bead at the end of the chains and make a knot.

Here it is ready!

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