Letter On Etamine

How İs The Letter Processed On Etamine?

How is the letter processed on etamine? Especially for those who are new to cross stitch, how to process cross stitch? This was one of the questions they asked under our video. Recently, we see that etamine pulley love boards, wedding boards, birth boards are frequently made. Even the name embroidered pulley etamine panels are used as a word tray, which is a very elegant choice. For this reason, we wanted to shoot letter processing videos on an etamine immediately. Here you go.

How is the letter processed on etamine?

We are also working with cross stitch processing on an etamine fabric that we stretch to the pulley. We need a letter template. If you want, you can do this with a letter pattern you can create on unprinted, checkered paper, but of course it may be easier to work with ready-made templates.

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