Making a Golden Look Braided Bracelet

Bracelet Making

Gold prices rose as prices rose. It is very difficult for families with low income to buy and wear gold jewelery as they wish. However, if you say that it is not without gold, of course, you can buy it, but jewelery can be made with threads that give the appearance of gold.
In this video, we made a bracelet with a fine lace thread in gold look.
We decorated the bracelet with gold beads again. It was very stylish. We made it look like gold from a distance.

We did the same with silver silvery thread. We also completed it with blue beads. It was also very stylish.
If you have other likes, you can do it in different colors.
How about you, isn’t it beautiful?

How to make a macrame bracelet?

Yes, but also knitting technique that is macrame bracelet. Although we use a different rope, the technique is the same.
You need a helper while knitting the wristband. If not, you need to create a loom and fix the threads.
If you’re ready, let’s start.
Just watch our YouTube video and apply without missing the steps.
Godspeed to you all, a good time.
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With love.

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