Making Beaded Necklace with Skewers

Beaded Necklace Making

Hello ladies, this time I will share with you the video of making beaded necklace making with Şiş, one of the most popular necklace models. I hope you will like it

Especially in jewelry groups and jewelry pages that I followed on social sites, I realized that this necklace model was made quite a lot and there were those who wanted to do it.

Ladies, I like the necklace, I think you will like it. Since knitting with skewers is used to knitting with skewers, they can do it without difficulty. But those who want to do it and cannot knit with skewers may have some difficulty, but since the narration is video, they can watch the places you do not understand again and again.

Mrs. Sevil used two rows of beads of every color when making the necklace, but of course it was very beautiful. (health to the hands of my beloved lady) As a jewelry designer, I advise you, I think it will look better if you use beads of different colors in each row. Just like the necklace in this link.

In the meantime, we can make very nice jewelry in the bottle.

If you can’t get stuck, you can write in the comment section below

May it be easy for those who want to do it.

Materials of this model

2.5 size skewers
15/0 beads
Orlon rope

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