Making Butterfly From Paper With Origami

how to make a butterfly from paper

Making Butterfly From Paper With Origami

Hello everybody ,In this video, I will show you how to make a butterfly origami.,It’s pretty simple.,This will be an example of Japanese folding art.,These are slightly thin, colored papers.,You can make it from these papers.,How are we going to do? First, we need a piece of square paper.,Since the papers in front of me are rectangular, we need to turn them into squares.,

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How do we square it?,We hold the ends of the paper.,You can also do this with a ruler, but you can, practically, turn it into square, like this.,Right now, this is square.,Let’s cut the edge.,Yes!,Now, we have a square paper.,We created this line.,Also, by folding the paper from the other side, we form the second line.,It should be smooth, so be careful when folding it.,Go over the lines to make the lines clear.

how to make a butterfly origami

,As you can see, the edges of the paper overlapped, became equal. We open the paper.,The folding points of the paper are evident.,Next, we fold the paper this way.,Again, let’s make sure that there is no slippage when folding the paper.,If it slips, what we do will not be smooth.,and,We opened the paper, now, what are we going to do?,In this way, we fold this edge inward.,Likewise, we fold the opposite edge.

,And, we create this view.,I think it’s understood.,So, it was like this.,After that,We need to round the edges of the paper, so we folded it once more.,Again, let’s take care that it is smooth.,Now we are holding the side of the paper with open ends and making a round cut.,We open the paper again.,

We get the paper to the previous position and fold it flat.,Also here, in the same way.,After folding, we grab the end of the paper and pull the edge up.,Like this,So, we turned it down. We hold it and bring it up.,We folded that end inward.,and,fold it down,Squeeze a little bit and yes!,Our butterfly is completed.,We have also made the white color of butterfly before.,This is the same.,You can make any size you want.,

We made one small and one big.,If you want, you can put this to the wall of children’s rooms, decorating the walls with varied butterflies.,I will soon make butterflies from these colors.,

 Paper Butterfly origami easy

You will see those butterflies in the cover photo of the video.,You can use these butterflies as you like, wherever you want, for decoration purposes.,

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