Making Necklace From Latch Wire

Necklace Making

Hello, my dear readers, I will share a different jewelry model with the jewelery we know today. I hope you like it.

Since it is very easy to make, it can be done very easily even with no knowledge of jewelry making from this necklace. Ladies, who do not know how to make jewelry, can make the beads that you cannot afford to throw at your home from this necklace model, for yourself, your daughter, or even make a gift.

Of course, not only those who do not make jewelry, especially us jewelry designers, there are many beads left in our hands, as in the pictures below.

As you can see from the picture, you can make one of the ratchet wires and use it as one, and you can make two or three ratchet wires or more of the ratchet wires and string them to the pendant string as many times as you want.

Well, I made the pendant, whatever I want to wear or string it, it can be used in almost every house, you can wear it on a little nylon-like string, or you can put a thin bead on the rope in one row and attach it to the chain you use in another necklace you cannot use.

Note: I did not prepare the pictures, I just revised it, as I mentioned above, I will surely make a video of this model, maybe I can make a video.

May it be easy for those who want to do it.

Materials of this model

Latch wire
Beads of any size
Necklace rope

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