Making Wax Without Wax At Home!

Candle Making!

The candle is a very simple household item, but when you burn it, it also manages to create a unique and powerful effect that softens, beautifies, lightens the atmosphere it is in. The reason for this may be that calming and romantic fragrance in aromatic candles, and the soothing and beautifying dimness that the candle light radiates around. After all, there is nobody who does not like candles that bring a pleasant romance to our home, especially in closed weather.

Moreover, without the need for paraffin, also known as beeswax, which is difficult and relatively expensive to find! Thanks to this extremely practical recipe with easily accessible materials, you can make fragrant candles in 40 minutes!


– Jar

– Margarine

– Crayon pencils, also known as crayons that do not contaminate hands

– Aromatic oil

– 100% cotton yarn

– Scissors

– Nut

– Stick

First clean the jar or glass container you chose for the candle and let it dry.

Although it may seem quite easy, this stage is very important because the stained jar will create an unpleasant appearance. A jar that remains wet or damp will prevent the wax from sticking in and distort its consistency. We also recommend choosing the jar in sizes and models that suit your home style and taste.

Fill the jar with solid oil with about 1 finger gap at the top and heat it up.

Fill the jar with fat. The oil, which is heated in the microwave oven for about two minutes, will melt and settle, leaving some space at the top.

Heat the jar in the microwave oven for 2 minutes.

As you can see, the oil will melt and liquefy. If the melting oil takes up less than your estimate, you can add a little more and heat it. Take care when removing the jar from the microwave because it will be hot!

Crayon is also in the microwave!

Identify your favorite color and bake your crayons in this color in a microwave-compatible container. Crayon can melt at different temperatures according to their types, so first set a 2-3 minute program and, if not enough, extend the baking process a little more. For example, the paints in this picture dissolve in 4 minutes.

Pour the molten paints into the oil and color the oil.

When you mix the oil-melting paints, you will now have a colored material!

(Optionally) Add a tablespoon of essential oil

If you like aromatic candles, you can mix your favorite fragrances with wax. (We chose apple flavor while making this candle.)

Cut a cotton thread slightly longer than the size of the jar and tie one end to the nut.

With the weight of the nut, it will pull the thread to the bottom and allow it to freeze more evenly. The yarn must be 100 percent cotton and it is necessary for it to burn properly.

Drop the nut into the jar so that it collapses to the bottom and connect the other end of the string to a stick that will rest on the jar.

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