Learn how to fold kusudama from origami diagram designed by Sansanee Termtanasombat. You can download PDF file for printing handout to your students and making activity in your classroom.

Origami Ball

Origami Ball is easy to create toys. Simply follow the simple instructions below to finish an origami ball. First, cut out a piece of cloth from a large paper. Make a simple “V” shape by creasing the fold right before it forms a complete circle. Now crease the fold again and carefully unfold the paper before making another.

Origami Ball Steps

Step One: Place the origami ball onto the cloth, and then start working on its bottom. Slide one of the corners under the ball until the piece reaches about halfway up. You can use the other two corners to help you press the ball down. Continue this step until the origami ball has completely fallen off the piece of cloth.

Step Two: Now that the origami ball has dropped off the piece of cloth, it’s time to work with the crease. To make the water bomb, fold the sides in half. Then pull them tight and flatten them out. Use a wet paper towel to apply pressure to this flattened area so that the origami ball retains its shape. This will give you the appearance of a solid body.

Step Three: Next, we’re going to focus on how to make a good “V” shape. For this part of the exercise, we will be creating one side of the origami ball into a triangle. Then fold the other side of the ball in half and position it over one side of the triangle.

Step Four: Now that we have created the crease, we can start folding the origami ball in half. If you’ve never done an origami ball before, you may want to start by laying the ball flat on the table. Next, unfold the ball into a U shape, and start rolling it forward until the crease formed is at the top of the ball. Then, fold it in half, and repeat the same procedure on the other half.

Step Five: Finally, it’s time to start assembling the origami ball into a tower. Fold the ball into thirds, making sure that you crease all four edges. Then unfold it and place it into position as shown. When you are finished, press the bottom two corners of the origami ball with your fingers. Hold this position for a few seconds, and you will be able to easily lift and fold this simple object into a whole host of beautiful origami figures!

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