Origami Bowl

How to Make a Japanese Origami Bowl

Origami Bowl

Learning how to fold an Origami Bowl is not really that difficult. Origami is simply paper folding with no real technique. This is different from traditional origami in that traditional origami relies on the use of folds and creases to give the piece its three-dimensional appearance. While many people think that origami is just a way to make paper out of different pieces of paper, this is actually a form of Cricut cutting. Cricut is a type of paper folding that was invented in Japan and the name is derived from the two “c” cuts that are associated with this technique. Basically, an origami bowl requires you to cut shapes out of a flat sheet of paper.

When Folding Origami Bowls

When learning how to fold origami bowls, the first thing that you need to know is where the two top edges of both pieces of paper meet. This is known as the origami bowl bottom or the origami bowl top. You should be able to easily see this from an angle because the left edge of the piece of paper will already be above the right edge. The reason why it is important to note this is because it is this area that is often used for origami birds, bears, insects, flowers, and other such figures.

Next, you should see the origami bowl top point. This is the exact middle point of the bowl, which is also where the three creases or folds on the top point are located. This part is a bit tricky and needs to be practiced more before you get the hang of it but once you get the hang of it then your origami bowls will no longer fold when you lift them up to the top like they normally do in traditional origami bowl method.

The next step involves the origami bird that needs to be folded appropriately depending on its size. In this case, we are going to use the standard bird which is the red one. Just lift the paper to the correct angle so that the bird is in the exact middle between the two top layers but still slightly to the right (where the two top layers meet) of the origami bowl so that the lower-left corner remains perfectly flat.


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