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Origami Cat step by step

Easy origami cat step by step tutorial

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ORIGAMI CAT HEAD instructions

This easy Origami Cat step by step tutorial  is easy to make.  Easy origami cat step by step, Its simplicity is countered by the fact that it doesn’t look exactly like a cat head, it can be the head of almost any animal. You need to decorate the origami piece to make it look more like your animal of choice. Nevertheless, it is a great project for young children since they are imaginative and forgiving.



Instructions for Origami Cat Head

Many people love cats, they are moved by them, take pictures, including needlework, but also occupy places of honor, make figurines, knit from threads, draw, make soft toys in the form of cats, etc. Today, we will make a paper cat using the origami technique, making it completely full size with its head, paws and elegantly curved tail. This paper cat will definitely appeal to all lovers of these cute and funny animals.

Step 1:

Take a square piece of paper and lay it towards the “diamond” (balanced on one of its corners).
If you are using origami paper, load it with the white side up.
Fold it in half (left to right). Interest.

Origami Cat step by step

Step 2:

Fold the paper in half (bottom up).

Step 3:

Fold the left and right sides of the model with the corners up like a cat’s ear. Make the folds so that the distance from each ear to the vertical fold is the same. Easy origami cat step by step

Step 4:

Fold some paper between your ears. This will be the top of the head.

Turn the model over.

The cat’s face is almost complete.

Pencil on eyes, nose and mustache.

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