Origami Dog, How To Make Origami Dog, Step by Step

If you’re a beginner at origami, you should start with easy figures to improve yourself. You should follow the steps carefully and try on so many different figures. Here is the origami dog tutorial. Upon following this easy origami dog tutorial, you will be able to create your own dog figure. Plus, you just need a piece of paper and 5 minutes to spend! All you need is to follow the instructions step by step. Let’s get started.

origami dog
origami dog

Here is the six-step explaining the process. Let’s get deep into the details and create our own origami dog!

Toilet Paper Bird Origami

1. Get prepared

You need a piece of square paper with the color you want. After all, this is your own handcraft. Two sides of the paper should be in different colors. First, turn the colorful side up.

2. Fold the paper

Fold the top corner towards the bottom. Upon this, you should have a triangle.

3. Form the first crease

Get your right side over the left side and form the crease.

4. Unfold it

After you form the crease in the previous step, you should unfold the paper.

5. Form the ears of your origami dog

Now, you should have a triangle paper again. Form the ears by folding the right and the left tops down. You can get help from the visual above. (Step 3 in the visual.)

6. Form the bottom side

Now that we have two cute ears, we can get into the mouth and the nose. Fold the bottom side to the up and form a little triangle. We’re almost ready! You can draw the nose and the eyes with a black pen. You can choose a different color for the eyes if you like. Enjoy your origami dog.

Upon finishing this origami figure, you can try on Origami Cat. You may also go and see What is origami? article.

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