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Origami Fox, How to Make Step by step, Origami Arts

Rooting from Japan culture, origami is one of the most popular handcrafts. You can create any figure with origami. In this art, your creativity stands out! If you want to make an origami despite the fact that you’re just a beginner, this origami is for you!  You can create your fox by using only papers in just 5 minutes! How to make origami fox? Let’s get started.

origami fox, Origami Fox, How to Make Step by step, Origami Arts
origami fox

1. Prepare your materials

This origami requires only one paper. You don’t need any glue or something. Get your square paper and get into this short adventure.

2. Fold the paper in half

Now, fold the top side to the bottom. You should have a triangle upon this.

3. Form the crease

After you get the triangle, fold the right side towards the left to have a line at the center. Don’t forget to unfold it later.

4. Finish it by folding thee triangles to the up

Now, by referencing the line that you’ve just created, fold the right and the left sides toward the up. But watch out! Because they should not overlap with the line.

5. Adorn your origami fox!

Turn the paper over. Now we have a little cutie fox! You can draw a face on the paper to create an obvious origami fox. The only thing you need is a pen with the color you like. I wanted to go for black at this stage.

Enjoy your origami fox! This was a step by step tutorial explaining how to make origami fox easy. If you’re done with this figure and still want to have some fun with origami, you can go and see our latest origami tutorial How To Make Gift Box Origami In Just 5 Minutes?. At last, I strongly recommend you to have a look at Japanese Culture if you are interested.

origami fox, Origami Fox, How to Make Step by step, Origami Arts
origami fox


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