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Origami Gift Box, How to Make Step by step

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How to make an origami gift box? Origami is kind of a handcraft on which you can work for hours with no boredom at all. It’s fun and easy.

If you are a beginner, you should focus on figures which are easy to follow since hitting the buffers with your origami may discourage you from this funny handcraft adventure. Origami gift box is just one of those easy figures that don’t require dexterity and experience at all. Here is everything you should know about how to make an origami gift box in just a few minutes.

How To Make Origami Gift Box
How To Make Origami Gift Box In Just 5 Minutes?

If you are struggling with following the photo gallery, here is how to make origami gift box step by step.

  1. Prepare your materials

The only thing we need is an ordinary paper. You can choose the color you want at this stage.

  1. Fold both horizontally and vertically

Get your paper and fold it in half both vertically and horizontally. In the end, we get a four-piece looking paper.

  1. Fold the corners

Fold all the edges towards the center of your paper. Upon folding, your paper shall look like a kite. This is the most critical stage in how to make origami gift box tutorial.

  1. Fold the sides

Now fold the bottom and the top side towards the center. Then open it again to see the creases. Now you can fold the right and the left sides to the center in the same way. Remember: you should make the creases apparent by pressing with your fingers.

  1. Open the triangle flaps

Upon creating the creases, open the triangle flaps. (the bottom and top)

  1. Fold the sides

Now fold both sides to the center by pressing hard to your origami gift box.

  1. Fold the corners

Fold the top corner down. Then, open it out. Do the exact creasing for the other there corners as well.

  1. Raise the top side of the paper vertically

Now open the two corners in a diagonal way to each other and pull the third edge to the up. Frizz the top flap inner to form the sides of your gift box.

  1. How to make origami gift box: form the cap

As for the cap, you can repeat the same steps with a slightly bigger paper. Now I assume that you no longer wonder about how to make an origami gift box, have fun! You can go and see What is Origami? in case you’re just a beginner. Don’t forget to check About Japan as well!

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