Origami Rabbit, Easy Easter Bunny, How to make origami

ORIGAMI BLOW-UP BUNNY, how to make origami rabbit, easter bunny.

This origami rabbit resembles a bubble rabbit. Origami Rabbit, origami bunny, origami easter bunny instructions and step by step. Both start with a water bomb base and both are cute! As the name suggests, we recommend blowing this model into a hole to inflate it into a three-dimensional paper rabbit.

Rabbits that can give birth 6-7 times a year and their gestation period lasts about 1 month. They give birth to 4-12 puppies at each birth. The offspring are born with hairless eyes closed. They need their mothers until their eyes open and walk. Mother rabbits feed their offspring for 20 days. When they are one month old, they leave the puppies on their own. It should not be handled until the young rabbits grow. When you take it, your mother will exclude her baby and leave her to die because her smell will pass to the offspring. Offspring reach puberty in 10 months.

Origamiden tavşan-tavşan

Origami Rabbit

Making paper rabbits is quite fun and easy for children and adults. The rabbit is the common name for the mammal species that make up the rabbit family. They reproduce by giving birth. The offspring care is very low. After looking 7 days, the mother leaves the rabbit and the rabbit. The rabbit family includes about 50 species. Their tails are covered with long hairs, The ears and hind legs are elongated.

The ears of rabbits are very developed. They react with surprise to any sound they hear. So they can escape from their own kind or in the event that other creatures approach. They are sensitive creatures, and they don’t like to be treated in addition. The sense of smell of rabbits is also very developed. They have touch cells in their noses. There are 20-25 sensory strands that move up and down on the upper lips of the rabbits. Using these sense cells, they try to learn more about the environment. That’s why the upper lips of the rabbits are constantly in motion.

Easy Easter Bunny

Origami Rabbit are herbivores. They are animals that feed on vegetable foods. They generally feed on foods like cabbage, fresh grass, carrot, radish, dill, lettuce, salad, artichoke and cauliflower leaves, Brussels sprouts, green beans. However, it should not be given too much foods (such as carrots) containing sugar. Toilet paper tree, How to make origami

Feeding rabbits is one of the issues that should be taken care of, just like looking after a child. Rabbits are herbivorous animals. Rabbit’s favorite foods are lettuce, carrot, cucumber, greenery and vegetables such as clover. Rabbits’ daily water needs are up to 500 ml. Except for vegetables, the amount of rabbit feed consumed daily can reach 350 gr.

Tavşan origami

How to make Rabbit, Bunny origami

Origami bunny are warm-blooded animals in the mammal group. Just like hamsters, rabbits sleep during the day and become active during the night. In order for rabbits to live happily, they should be looked after in an environment away from noise. The eyes of the rabbits are large, their hind legs are longer than their forelegs. The tails of these cute animals are short, ears and whiskers are long. Room temperature is the ideal environment for rabbits. Life expectancy of these cute animals is 8 years on average. Rabbits are between 30 and 60 cm in length, and their weight can vary between 3 and 10 kilos. Flower Pot Painting .

Rabbits must be fed at least as a couple, because these are social creatures. Otherwise, they can be stressed. However, they should only be fed their own kind in the same cage. Otherwise, they can be highlighted again. Another important feature is that they can easily acquire rabbit toilet training. Contrary to what is known, rabbits should not be lifted by holding their ears. This is a very common mistake, you can damage the rabbit. Rabbit shavings are an ideal choice as base material. Clean and fresh water should always be available in the rabbit cage. For those who have no appetite and poor rabbit, a rabbit vitamin can be added to their water once a week. It is a big mistake for rabbits to remain closed in the cage for a long time because they are mobile due to their structure. If possible, take care to release the animals to roam. How To Decorate A Wooden Plate?

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