Origami Rabbit Head instructions

How to make origami rabbit head instructions. Easter bunny construction stages, easy tutorial with step by step instructions. Origami is a hobby that develops manual skills and attracts attention. Rabbit Head Origami instructions, rabbits are very sweet. The meaning of rabbits for humans is something else. You can examine other origami animals on our site.

Origami Rabbit  step by step

How to make origami rabbit face or head, we will tell you easily with instructions in this article. Please take all steps completely and correctly. No need to rush, do it slowly and carefully, you can get better results.


Rabbit Head instructions


Step 1:

Start with a square piece of paper. If you are using origami paper, start with the white side facing up. Put the paper in the “diamond” position (balanced in one of its corners).

Fold the paper in half (bottom to top).


Step 2:

Overlay the triangle into equal parts (left to right). Intrigue.


Step 3:

Overlay the base of the triangle. This collapsed edge will have the ears of the hare, so overlay it as thick or slight as you can imagine. Roughly 1/4 of the tallness of the triangle is a decent beginning.


Step 4:

Overlay the base left and base right edges until the inside wrinkle made in sync 2.


Step 5:

Turn the model over.


Step 6:

Overlap back the top corner and base corner (mountain up) to shape the essence of the bunny.


You can stop here and begin adorning the bunny.


Or on the other hand you can overlay back the left and right corners (mountain overlap) to get an increasingly adjusted face.






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