Pleated Pouch

How to Sew a Gathered Pouch?

I said a bag of clothes, but it would be a very beautiful bag of make-up. You can also use it as a toy bag by making it in larger sizes.


1 piece of 22 * ​​47 cm fabric (to be used for the inner lining)
2 pieces of 22 * ​​13.5 cm fabric (piece with plaid)
22 * 24 cm fabric (the piece that will form the blue base)
2 pieces of 21 * 5.5 cm fabric (blue, where the ribbon will pass)
2 60 cm long ribbons
If you have prepared your materials, you can easily do it by watching the video. It’s really easy to make, so don’t be afraid. If you know how to sew straight stitch, you can do it in a short time when you follow the steps carefully.

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