Practical Beret

Knit Beanie

How to knit a practical beret, I tried to explain it with a practical video.

Winter months mean to me to wrap my blanket with a nice movie and knit while drinking my tea. Although it seems difficult for those who do not know knitting, you can actually knit and wear it within 1-2 hours.

In the video, I explained in detail how to knit for those who have never knitted before, how to make a flat and reverse knit, how to knit a rubber.

When you follow the explanations carefully, you can easily knit your first cap.

The number of knitting needles must be knitted on the thread you have chosen. According to him, you can also determine your skewer number.

If you want to make berets for children, you will need less than 1 yarn. 1 ball will be enough for adults.

If you have prepared your skewers and rope, we can go to the video.

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