Practical Pistachio Weft Knitting

Pistachio Weft Knitting

If you want to keep you warm, stylish or unlike anybody, this model is for you! There may be those who compare it to grape, almond, and pistachio with its patty. Let’s say we have pistachio shaped scarf in general. The construction of this scarf, which is beautiful to be seen by everyone, will be intriguing. You can also make it as a neck collar if you want it to fit your full neck. Then it becomes shorter and you can sew both sides.

How to Make Pistachio Weft Knitting Model?
We start by pulling a chain on the scarf. We pull 46 chains. If you want a thicker scarf, you can increase the number of chains by adding in multiples of 9. In this way, using a medium-thick thread is sufficient. It is a crochet scarf pattern.

The rope used in the video is Alize Batik. This scarf is more beautiful with batik threads.
Crochet number used in the video number 3 in accordance with the rope. If your thread is thinner, you can use 2 numbers. This is how the pistachio, almond and grape scarf is started.

If you’re ready, let’s start.
Just watch our YouTube video and apply it without missing the steps.
May it be easy for you all, have a good time.
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