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As I mentioned in the title of the article, you can do whatever you want with this jewelry model. Whether you can make bracelets, necklaces or glasses rope, I have attached the name of this model as a hamarat jewelry. 🙂

From this model, which is more suitable for glasses, I made glasses. But it is entirely my preference to make glasses.

If you make a bracelet or necklace, it will look very stylish at that time. Of course, if the bead colors match

For those who want to make a bracelet! Whether you want to make your wristband 4 or 5 times as long as your picture I put on the video or make it as long as your wrist once, it is completely up to you how long you want to do.

For those who want to make glasses rope! As you can see in the video, I put on a round metal ring to fit glasses on the ends, but you put on the eyeglass apparatus. If you have decided to make eyeglasses, in one of the places you need to pay attention, I made the length of the eyeglasses as 90 cm.This size will be enough for you as it is the average size.

Materials of this model

11/0 sand beads
Sand bead needle
You can use Nylon rope, Bead rope
Glasses floss apparatus

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