Punch Embroidery

How to do Punch Embroidery?

I like the products made from punch embroidery. But I wasn’t even thinking it might be too difficult. When I tried it, I saw that it was much easier than I thought. It is so enjoyable! It can be a nice activity even for children.

You need a punch needle to make punch embroidery. You cannot do without this needle. You should also get pulleys, fabrics and colored threads. When choosing a pulley, I recommend you pay attention that it is screwed. The tighter your fabric is, the easier you can process it. You can also use linen, american cloth, raw cloth as fabric. Your fabric should be a perforated and stretchy fabric. It will not hold your embroidery on a fabric such as combed cotton.

If you have prepared your materials, we can go to the video. Have a Good Time…

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