Square Motif Making

Making Motif

You know the threads left over from various studies. Little tangles remain and are not enough to do anything. It is not enough if you make a vest, even if you do booties. In this case, will the ropes go to the garbage? Never! We will evaluate them and make small knit motifs. Do not forget to evaluate the ropes now.

What are made of knitted motifs?
After knitting the motifs and putting them aside, you can make a blanket. It can be a pillow or even a vest. We also witnessed a hair band. After creating a motif from threads, the rest is up to you.

How to make square single color motif?

I made all the rows from a single color thread, but each solid can be made differently.
Crochet number 3 was used.
If you’re ready, let’s start.
Just watch our YouTube video and apply it without missing the steps.
May it be easy for you all, have a good time.
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With love.

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