Stay Home Kids Happy Meat Bag

Happy Kids Bag

Due to the Coronavirus, which affected our country and the world, we all closed to our homes. We do not go out unless it is compulsory. As schools were also on holiday, children had to spend time at home. Even if the housewives are not done, it is necessary to get a hobby. You should definitely learn the knitting which is one of the beautiful hobbies at home.

Let’s move on to making the crochet knitting bag model that remains at home.

I used macrame rope for this rabbit-like bag. Two colors of rope are required. If there is no macrame, wool can also be made with rope.
The bag is started by making 10 double handrails inside the magic ring. You can watch the rest with video narration. You must try. Give your children a gift at home.

If you’re ready, let’s start.
Just watch our YouTube video and apply it without missing the steps.
May it be easy for you all, have a good time.
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With love.



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