Straw Bag Making

Bag Making

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First, we start with the side, we pull 12 chains, then we take 2 chains, we sink into the third chain and make a handrail.

We are trailing all the chains. When it comes to the end of the line, we turn our rope and pull two chains and continue with the handrail until the end of the row by making 2 handrails in the first hole.
At the end of the line, we increase it by making 2 handrails, and at the end of the line we continue with handrails again. We turn the rope and pull 2 ​​chains and do the same. We continue this process 6 rows. In this way, by giving an increase at the beginning and after, we give the side of the bag a triangular appearance.
Then we proceed 3 rows without increasing 3 rows straight.
We proceed 3 rows by reducing at the beginning and then.
You can learn more easily by watching the video from now on.
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