Toilet paper tree, How to make origami

Toilet paper tree craft, how to make toilet paper with tree.

Toilet paper tree

Learn to make this cute toilet paper tree. An excellent detail that can make your bathroom from “normal” to “fantastic”.

If there is a hut in the forest, this origami coat would be perfect. Being in your bathroom during Christmas vacation is also a great floor. Your friends and family will be happy to find such a “gift” in your bathroom.

Tree free toilet paper

Take a piece of paper, fold it a few times. Introduce to your children the art of Japanese paper folding known as origami.Tree free toilet paper. They will be very surprised when you turn a simple sheet of paper into birds or other animals with a few moves. They will even think that you are a real magician.

Today, it offers you 20 simple and practical origami. Shapes that will give you the happiness of creating something beautiful with your own hands. Let your imagination and creativity be exhilarating.




Toilet paper origami

If you want to get a new hobby, you can take a look at the examples of origami. Toilet paper origami the art of paper folding, to evaluate the papers at home!. Origami, one of the best known arts of Japanese culture, is a fun for children in its early years. but now it has become a hobby of people of all ages. This branch of art, taught to improve creativity and dexterity, both in schools and courses. would not be wrong to say a brand new world that you will get lost in when you enter! So what is origami and how did it arise, what are the varieties of origami? If you are wondering the answer to all these questions, let’s take you to our content immediately …


Toilet roll origami

If we need to define origami briefly, How to make origami we can say the art of paper folding.Toilet rool origami This technique, which originates from the combination of the word oru (folding) and kami (paper) in Japanese; It is a paper folding art made using only paper, without using scissors and glue. It is perfect for developing creative thinking and dexterity, especially in children.

Origami toilet

Although exact information about the emergence of origami can not be reached, origami toilet it is estimated that their origins are based on China. Of course, if we consider that the Chinese are the first civilization to invent paper, it should not be a surprise.


The Chinese, who found the paper in 250 BC, used the paper only for religious ceremonies and gift packaging at that time. However, as the price of the paper fell, origami began to reach more people. Origami, which became widespread among the people in the early 17th century, has become one of the most popular types of entertainment. In fact, the first book on origami was published in the late 17th century.

Origami, which started to be taught in schools since the early 1900s, played a major role in the development of children’s mathematical intelligence. At the same time, origami improves creative thinking and helps relieve stress. Origami art, which has made great progress after World War 2; it has become an area of ​​interest not only for children but for people of all ages. Today, there are many courses, exhibitions, workshops and various activities related to origami art.

Instructions for Toilet Paper Tree

  • It improves children’s hand and finger muscles, and accordingly, hand-eye coordination.
  • Children; By shaping ordinary pieces of paper, it easily internalizes the “phenomenon of transformation”, one of the most important dynamics of life.
  • The concentration of people interested in origami increases.
  • Taking care of this art changes your aesthetic perception and view to the world.
  • It gives children and adults the ability to think in three dimensions.

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