Tunisian Knit Twisted Baby Vest Making

Tunisian knit twisted baby vest production.
Every knitting requires labor, but I have worked so long for this vest … I am really proud of how it looks. First, I saw a plain baby vest knitted with double skewers and my first job was to convert it to tunisian knitting technique.

Then I wanted to add a touch to myself. Doesn’t every weave reflect a bit of your knitting anyway? It’s kind of like signing our signature. And the first thing that came to my mind was the Tunisian twirl appearance. As a result of considerable efforts, I put the auger model on my vest, but then it was too exaggerated.
Back to square one.

Then I decided to apply a twirl model only on the arms of the same model.

I don’t know how many nights I gave my day without getting tired. I said it was the last one, this was my dream model. It became a vest model that fell into me.

Let’s come to the construction stage,

The measurements I apply are for babies 2-3 years old. It can be used up to 3 years of age because it is flexible. The vest consists of 2 parts, we knit 2 parts with the same dimensions and stitch them parallel to each other. You can also knit plainly without using auger. Or you can try it with brass knitting technique, Thessaloniki, star models instead of auger.

I finished about 2 balls of rope. My preference for the threads was fine baby wool threads. It is important to have baby wool, not a brand. I obtained my threads from the “hobby” site. They provide reliable and short time transportation. Tavsiyemdir :)

Since my model is heavy in terms of knitting technique, I did not use buttons or different decoration objects. I made a tiny crocheted flower of the same thread on the front collar and left it to taste. I sew a few beads into my flower, giving it a slight glow.

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