Waffle Blanket Knit

Blanket Knit

I wanted to share a knitting technique known as waffle blanket, wafer blanket or box-box blanket model with you today.

It is a very simple and pleasant model to knit. We use medium thickness or even slightly thicker wool yarn and equivalent crochet. I did not specify the number of stitches, especially if you adjust the size. After throwing our loops, we often needle all of our first row. We turn with a chain and knit the second row with frequent needles. In the last loop of the second row, we pull three chains.

We start the model in the meantime

Let’s count that we’re back with three chains as a handrail
Let’s make another handrail by pulling a rope into our crochet hook and pulling it into the hole next to it three times.
There were two handrails
Let’s wrap our crochet hook in the third hole and pull the crochet through the core of the hole next to you, that is, we remove it three times (not stinging). All of our rows go through two handrails as one handrail from one core and we continue our entire row as a needle in our back row.

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