What Are The Types Of Origami ?

Varieties of origami

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What Are The Types Of Origami ?

Origami, which is a combination of the words “Oru” (folding) and “Gami” (paper) in Japanese and which means “folded paper”, is a kind of paper folding art unique to the Japanese nation. We will examine this art under 4 main titles.

Classic Origami Types

In the classic origami art, it is done by folding one piece of paper without cutting and pasting.

Modular Origami Types

Modular Origami is also the figures formed by combining 3D geometric shapes using one piece of paper. There is no limit to the number of figures used in this style.


Krigami is the art of cutting paper, unlike the other three types of origami . So it is not an art made of one piece, but of countless cut pieces of paper.

Origami With Wet Folding Method

Types of origami art. As the name suggests, origami with slak folding method is made by wetting paper, especially animal varieties.

It’s much easier to give the paper the shape you want when it’s wet. Wet paper makes it a lot easier to make more natural-looking shapes. This style was first found by a Japanese origami master named Akira Yoshizawa. His work covers the years 1911 and 2005.

History Of Origami

It is known that Chinese Buddhist monks brought it to Japan, although at first there was no clear information about the art of Origami. The reason why this art is valued so much in Japan is because of the importance the Japanese place on paper. In fact, this is such respect that even though the spelling of “Kami”is different, the word “God” presents a sound state. That is, in Japanese traditions, the book and its building material are highly respected on paper, and much attention is paid to paper. What is Origami?

Where Is Origami Used?

Origami art is used for decorative purposes in many areas throughout the world,  although it is made for hobby purposes. With Origami art, you can make different figures and give them gifts to people you care about or love, and you can make a variety of toys for children and make them happy.

The Impact Of Origami Art On Child Development

The influence of Origami on Child Development and children is undoubtedly undeniable. He has made a great contribution to the development of mathematical intelligence, especially of children. You can get kids to make this art a hobby.

Origami is of course a game for children first of all.


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