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What is Origami ? History of Origami


Starting Origami

Origami is the name given to the art of folding paper, which comes from the combination of the words “ori” meaning to fold in Japanese and “gami” meaning paper. Even if the name is Japanese, there are sources and claims that it is a Chinese art genre.

Introduction to Origami

Most of the time, square sections of paper without cutting and using glue, folding a single, creating a variety of living and lifeless figures, although the models made of rectangular paper, as well as paper money are a great many. The kind in which cutting is also used is called kirigami. It is thought that there is a possibility of a replacement for origami art, as the artworks made with kirigami recently have the visualness that has received serious acclaim.What is origami

Other information about Origami

Origami is divided into 2 parts by being classical and fragmentary. Classic origami is often made of one piece of paper. It is known by people interested in this branch of art that various animal or Ware figures were made with the classic origami in which 2 or 3 pieces were consumed. Known as modular origami piece origami is formed by combining similar parts, and animal figure in the form of goods or more than a concrete, three-dimensional geometric figures used in the creation of it.

What are the types of origami

  • Classic Origami
  • Jigsaw Origami
  • Modular Origami
  • Architectural Origami
  • Pop-Up Origami
  • Kirigami

In terms of Usage 

There is no limit on the number of pieces that resemble piece origami tak çık çıkar toys and the same parts can be consumed to make a very different figure. Although Origamide generally prefers square papers, there are no restrictions on the form of paper. In our age, there have been many different varieties of origami. Architecture origami, popup origami, kirigami can be cited as examples. In this type of origami, which is also called contemporary origami, bonding and cutting factors are made free of the artist himself.

What is Origami, types of origami

The structure that separates origami from kirigami is that kirigami is symmetrical and origami is the art of forming. Origami is a famous art branch all over the world. Origami has a wide range of uses. Especially recently it is known to be used in the field of home decoration. If you say how to make Origami, you can only say that the event depends on your imagination. Think about what you want to do first, and then determine the process steps by doing research on how to do it. If you pay attention to this situation, you can become a world-renowned master of origami.

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